“Why do I suffer?”                  “Why do I feel trapped?”
“How can I be happy?”                       “Where did I come from?”
“What is my life all about?”                     “Who am I?”


Most of us ask these questions of ourselves at some point in our lives. For some, these questions spur us to search for a way to understand ourselves and find an answer. This is the beginning of our spiritual path.

Zen practice helps you to look inside yourself, develop greater clarity of mind and find your life’s meaning.



Not depending on speech and words,
a special transmission outside the Sutras:
pointing directly to mind,
see your true nature, and become Buddha.
– Zen poem



Our Zen centre is a place for where you can learn how to do exactly that, through regular Dharma talks and courses, short retreats, sitting meditation, kong-an interviews, chanting and bowing practice.

We base our teaching on that of Great Korean Zen Master Seung Sahn (1927 – 2004), who attained Enlightenment at the age of 22. He was invited to the US in 1972 and taught in the West for thirty years, establishing over 100 Zen centres in 20 countries.

The resident abbot, Ven. Myong An Sunim returned to Malaysia after seventeen years in Korea as his student and teaches at the centre. We also feature teaching from Zen Master Dae Kwang, his Dharma heir, who visits several times a year.

Many of us experience some dissatisfaction in our daily lives that often leaves us with a sense that things are not quite right or ‘enough’ no matter how much we have. These feelings fade away for a short time when we are able to get something that we want. But it eventually returns. The Buddha called this dukka and taught that it is a constant experience of life.

The practice of Zen meditation can help us all find relief from this sense of dissatisfaction or unsatisfactoriness and find your direction in life.

We believe that through Zen practice, you can develop greater clarity, wisdom and compassion, lead a life filled with joy and peace through helping yourself and others.



Your true self is
always shining and free.
Human beings make something
and enter the ocean of suffering.
Only without thinking
can you return to your true self.
The high mountain is always blue.
White clouds coming, going.
– Zen Master Seung Sahn



We look forward to seeing you soon.

Haeng Won Zen Centre is affiliated to the Kwan Um School of Zen, an international organization of more than a hundred centers and groups founded by Zen Master Seung Sahn.