Myong An Ji Do Poep Sa Nim (JDPSN)

MA Sunim

Myong An Ji Do Poep Sa Nim (JDPSN) is a Malaysian and the Abbot of Haeng Won Zen Centre in Bayan Lepas. He went to the UK in the 1970’s for further education, gained a master’s degree and worked in finance in the UK and Asia.

Whilst working in Hong Kong in 1992, he became the student of Great Zen Master Seung Sahn (1927-2004) who had attained enlightenment at the age of twenty-two to become the youngest Zen Master in Korea.

Myong An JDPSN later left to follow him to Korea to become a monk and spent seventeen years there practising Zen before returning to Penang in 2013 to establish Haeng Won Zen Centre.

He received inka, the authority to teach kong-ans and lead retreats in 2015 from Zen Masters Dae Kwang and Dae Bong and became a Ji Do Poep Sa.